Unambiguous specifications will help drive valve actuator reliability


Why Unequivocal Specifications Can Help Making Valve Actuator More Reliable


High quality valve actuator is very important in ensuring the safety of an industrial plant. If the actuator fails to work properly during an emergency, the result could be very fatal. Unfortunately, accidents due to valve actuator failure still commonly happen in various industrial plants. To ensure the safety of the plant and reduce the consequence of actuator failure in emergencies, let’s find out more about the importance of valve actuator and what can be done to improve its reliability.


The Role of Valve Actuator to Improve ESD System

ESD System (Esoteric Emergency Shutdown System) is a safety plan that is conducted to reduce the effect of emergency situations in industrial plants. ESD is usually operated due to leakage in Kp-Lok double block and bleed valve or other valves that cause flooding, fire or hydrocarbon contaminations.


To perform emergency shutdown, ESD valve and the valve actuator are required. Valve actuator is the component responsible in opening and closing the ESD valve. So, it is safe to say that it is the most important thing in an ESD system.


Main Issues of Valve Actuator

In case of component damages, for example leakage in double block and bleed valve, actuator will be the savior of the plant. However, when an actuator fails to function, most people will think that it happened due to the poor quality of the actuator. However, the reason for this issue is not always because the questionable quality of the actuator.


As a matter of fact, mostly, those accidents happen simply because the specification of the actuator is ambiguous. As a result, buyers find it hard to choose the best product that suits the needs of their industry. Furthermore, unclear technical specifications can lead to different interpretations and this is exactly the main cause of actuator failure.


How to Improve the Reliability of Valve Actuator

To improve the reliability of valve actuator, manufacturers should make clearer specifications of all of their products. Actuators are not created the same and what fits for one industry can be less effective when applied in the others.


Buyers usually look for products that covered by IEC 61508, the widely used measurement standard for actuator reliability as well as other product certifications. Even though certification is important, buyers need to understand that it is not the only thing to consider when choosing an actuator. The size, configuration, function and operating condition of the valve actuator also must be considered.


This is why making unequivocal specifications of the actuators is very important. If the manufacturers provide clear specifications of their valve actuators, the buyers can easily choose one that fits their industry and operations. If the actuator fits its functions perfectly, every emergency definitely can be handled well.



By making unambiguous specifications, manufacturer will contribute greatly in ensuring the reliability of valve actuator. Buyers also can help improving the security of their industrial plant by making sure that they do not favor cheap price over quality and purchase the components from reputable place. Furthermore, it is also very crucial for them to pay attention to the specifications of the valve actuator and follow the operation instruction carefully.

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